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NEW PRODUCT – A traditionally handcrafted log cabin built as a mobile home!

The Nook

Over recent months BLC has been developing The Nook, our new product which is not only a traditionally handcrafted log cabin but also meets the requirements of the Caravan Act and can be used as a replacement for a mobile home. We are also proud to announce the opening of our first development of these cabins at The Station Inn in Marshbrook, Shropshire.

The popularity of log cabins in the UK is spiralling out of control, especially traditionally handcrafted cabins, along with this the market for log cabin holidays has dramatically increased. Hundreds of thousands of Brits take their holidays in mobile homes which are scattered throughout the spectacular countryside of the UK. Our mission is to improve the experience of the British countryside holidaymaker by replacing these ugly, flimsy, shipping container-esk buildings with our handcrafted log cabins.

This is not a simple feat, the engineering and design that has gone into creating a handcrafted log cabin which can be delivered in two sections (and therefore be classed as a mobile home) is quite substantial with each half of The Nook weighing in at just over 10 tons!

This is a building which will outlast your grandchildren and create a cosy, natural and sustainable environment from which to enjoy the countryside, coastal regions and back gardens of Britain.

With the advent of AirBnB and other similar platforms accommodation can be rented out far more easily than used to be the case. The Station Inn at Marshbrook have three of these cabins installed (completed this week) and already have a massive influx of bookings for the coming months.

As this product is classed as a mobile home general planning permission is not necessarily required – in fact The Nook can be located in the garden of your house without planning permission at all! For more information see our ‘Mobile Home Planning’ page.