Stripping bark

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Before we begin constructing the cabin all of the bark and cambium must be removed from the tree. This can be done in two ways:DCIM100GOPRO

1. Hand peeling (using a drawknife to remove the bark and cambium)

2. Pressure washing (using high pressure water to remove the bark and cambium)

However, for the best results we combine the two methods, first pressure washing the bark and cambium from the log and then running over the log with a drawknife to achieve a more rustic, hand peeled finish.

Pressure washing the logs removes all material down to the timber even around knots and dips in the surface of the timber where a drawknife alone would miss bits. Once the log has been pressure washed we knock the larger knots off neatly with a broad axe. Any damage that may have occurred during felling or transportation is easily tidied up at this stage grading the timber back to the deepest point of the damage with the broad axe. The drawknife is then run over the entire log, peeling off strips of timber and giving a fantastic neat yet rustic effect.

At this point we also treat the log for wet rot, dry rot and wood boring insects.

Once the process is completed the log is stored on bearers in the yard ready to be selected for its place in the building.