Pointing Gun – Bulk Loading


Cox Bulk Loading Guns are used to apply Perma-Chink and Energy Seal from 5 Gallon pails.

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The Cox Bulk Loading – pointing gun is used to suck up sealant or mortar material to then apply accurately. When used in conjunction with the follow plate this enables simple, mess free application of Perma-Chink and Energy Seal from 5 Gallon pails.

The use of a bulk loading – pointing gun makes applying chinking or sealant to your log cabin much more accurate and allows the use of sealant from a large pail rather than using cartridges (a cheaper way to purchase the product in bulk).

The 20oz Cox Bulk Loading Guns are by far the most popular model and include:

  • 1 wrench
  • 1 ladder hook
  • 1 extra set of green plungers
  • 1 metal conversion plunger (for conversion of gun to an 11oz ratchet style set up)
  • 6 Yellow Cones

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