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Log homes - Llangedwyn

A stunning handcrafted log home built in the UK by British Log Cabin

At British Log Cabins we offer a complete log home design and build service. We construct our log homes to full UK building regulations and currently meet level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

A handcrafted log home is the most natural home that you can build and has a minimal carbon footprint. We only use British grown, sustainably sourced timber, generally either Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir.

Cool in summer and warm in winter - the logs act like a large thermal battery, storing and releasing heat at a slower rate than a conventionally built house. It is important to think about the sustainability of your proposed building and its impact on the local, natural environment. In the specification of our log homes we utilise as many renewable technologies and methods as possible. We strive to be on the cutting edge of sustainable building.

With the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme now in place it makes even more sense to use renewable fuels in the heating of your new home - when using approved renewable heating systems the government will pay you a per Kw of energy that you produce. We specify boilers approved for the RHI scheme as standard.

When designing our log homes we can create stunning design features such as log staircases and handrails, built in furniture and mezzanine floor levels. We can build our log work to any architectural plans, so there is no obligation for us to provide your drawings. If you already have plans that you would like us to quote on please Contact Us

Log Home Packages - levels of finish:

This package allows you to project manage your own build, BLC construct the log framework to the agreed designs and then erect the cabin on your footings. All other works can either be completed by you or by local specialist subcontractors. This is a very cost effective method as you can acquire different quotes for each element of the building, combining trades and a bit of DIY to get the project completed. A log work only package also allows you to personally specify the materials involved in your home down to the last screw.
In this scenario BLC construct the handcrafted log shell and also fit an insulated roof, doors and windows and seal the gable ends. Interior finishes are left to your discretion including plumbing, electrical, kitchen and bathroom installations. This is our most popular option.
Building a home can be a complicated business. Our turn-key package offers complete project management for absolute peace of mind. BLC manages the whole build, from footings to light fittings. We project manage from the onset including structural engineers, ecological surveys, building control approvals and energy calculations along with the specification and fitting of all materials. If you would like to add extra flare to the finished home we also have an interior designer on hand to help with decorations and soft furnishings.
We are very flexible as to what point we manage your project up to. We are happy to put together a custom package for you anywhere from just supplying the log work to turn key. This flexibility allows you to project manage to your strengths. For example, if you have a great roofer but would like us to fit the doors and windows and underfloor heating system then just let us know.

Unique interiors

Featuring hardwood laminate flooring, a 360 degree fireplace and a mezzanine level master bedroom this log home is a Turn Key finish by BLC.

Custom specifications

The customer is always right - when we specify the materials and fittings for our log homes the customers' preference is taken into account at every turn. This luxurious en-suite with stand alone roll top bath is no exception.

Spacious and light designs

Large gable end windows are made possible by the post and purlin roof system. Vaulted ceilings are a common feature in log home design and create an open, spacious feel.

Attention to detail

At every stage of construction our main focus is the quality of finish. This is especially evident in our handmade features such as this handcrafted log spiral staircase with hazel balustrade.

Get a quote

Please get in touch with us to discuss your log home projects. We can offer a complete design and build service. If you already have plans please feel free to send them through for a free estimate.

Energy Performance of Log Walls

The most frequently asked questions that we get are around the energy efficiency ratings of our log homes:

  1. 'What U-Values can you achieve with handcrafted log walls?'
  2. 'Can handcrafted log walls get through building regulations SAP calcs?'

The short answers are:

  1. Excellent, but not properly measured. And
  2. Yes.

The SAP calculations are an average energy efficiency rating for the building. They take into account the number of doors and windows, the level of insulation in the roof and floor, the direction that the building faces, the heating system, the materials used and their thicknesses.

A handcrafted log wall in practice will offer incredible insulation, and out perform any u-values assigned to it by the energy assessor. However, as the log home industry is so small, laboratory tests have not yet been conducted to establish an official rating for a massive handcrafted log wall. This is something that we are currently working to remedy.

During our design and specification stage we look carefully at where we can gain efficiencies whether it be the insulation in the roof and floor, installing super efficient windows and doors or insulating and lining around hidden areas of the home such as bathroom and kitchen walls.

Properly thinking through the specification, design and positioning of your log home means that we can not only pass building regulations requirements but surpass them, currently meeting The Code For Sustainable Homes Level 3.

The Predictive Energy Assessment on our most recent project is a score of 93 (Band A)
Llangedwyn Log Home - One of our recently completed turn key projects has achieved a Code for Sustainable Homes level 3.

The Longevity of our Log homes

Handcrafted log homes have been built using the same, basic, traditional methods for hundreds of years. As the quality of the tools has developed so has the accuracy of the scribed fit between each log. As the design and treatment of log homes has developed so has their resistance to the elements. There are handcrafted log homes in Scandinavia still standing 400 years after they were built!

At BLC we endeavour to build our log homes to last for generations. Our designs and techniques, in line with ILBA standards protect the logs from unnecessary weathering and our log selection ensures that only the best timbers are used in your home. We use Western Red Cedar in most of our handcrafted log homes which has a high natural resistance to decay.

Just like a building of any other construction, with the correct maintenance, a log home from BLC will last hundreds of years into the future. We use the latest in timber treatment technologies to ensure maximum life and continued enjoyment of our log homes.