General Planning Permission for Log Homes

Any building that is to be used as a residential dwelling or a holiday let will require planning permission.
In order to give you the best possible chance of achieving planning permission we have put together this step by step guide:

Contact Council

Contact your local Council Planning Department for an initial discussion about your project or contact a local planning consultant who will have thorough knowledge about your local development plan and will also be able to give you guidance into our chances.

Prepare Plans

If initial discussions are positive then now is a good time to get plans prepared- either with our in-house design team or by an architect. Our in-house design team can help you design your dream log home having had years of experience in what is possible. (Charges do apply)

Submit Planning

Once you are happy with the architectural plans and the location of the building, your planning consultant or BLC’s in-house planning team will liaise with the local council and submit the planning application.

Fingers Crossed

Once a planning application has been validated, the local planning authority should make a decision on the proposal as quickly as possible. The average planning application takes approximately 8 weeks for a decision to be made unless an Environmental Impact Assessment is required.

Order Log Home

Once your plans have been approved it will then be time to order your cabin! BLC will raise a building contract with a stage payment proposal. Once The contract is signed and deposit received we can then begin to source your trees. It is at this point that we commission structural calculations and alter the building specification to suit.

Don't Worry

If your plans do not get approved do not give up on your dream! The council will state the reasons it has been rejected and it is always worth re-applying by altering your application to meet the council's requirements.

Permitted Developments & Special Cases

Permitted Development

Garden Cabins

Classed as an outbuilding - Outbuildings are considered to be a permitted development. You are allowed a log cabin in the curtilage of your home given certain restrictions on size, proximity to the boundary and location. The cabin cannot be larger than 30 square meters in floor area or greater than 4 metres in height and cannot be sited forward of a wall forming the principal elevation of the dwelling house.

Permitted Development

Woodland Cabins

If you own a piece of woodland and wish to have a building on it for occasional use in order to maintain or work on the woodland (such as a tool shed, store, office or shelter) then you are allowed a cabin under The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and a Prior Notification Procedure must be completed. However the cabin cannot be used for leisure or educational activities. Getting permission for a dwelling in woodland is hard, almost impossible - there have been some cases that have gained permission where there has been charcoal burners in the woodland which need 24 hour care - however they have had to show the business to be viable.

Special Case

Agricultural accommodation

If you would like to put a mobile home on agricultural/ farm land then, again a full planning application will be required and you will need to be able to demonstrate to the council that there is a need for the cabin to be there. For example, you will need to prove that the new dwelling is essential to support farming activity, whether on a newly created agricultural unit or an established one.

Special Case

Commercial venture (Holiday Lets)

Although still requiring a full planning application holiday lets are a special case as they can offer extra tourist income to the local area, supporting local businesses and infrastructure. This is taken into account by council when deciding on whether planning should be granted and in some cases councils will encourage a larger development than initially proposed for this reason. benefit to the local area. Log homes are a great idea if you are thinking of creating a business of holiday lets. Log homes provide a wow factor that normal holiday lets can’t and ‘Log Cabin Holidays’ are more popular than ever.

Along with your planning application you will need to submit information on the economic value of the business both direct (benefits to your own business) as well as indirect (benefits to other parts of the local economy). We suggest the use of a local planning consultant or using our in house planning team.

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