Maintenance and Restoration

British Log Cabins are the exclusive UK distributor of the amazing range of products produced by Perma-Chink Systems Inc. USA. We also offer a log cabin maintenance, renovation and repair service.

Regardless of original manufacturer, whether your log cabin is a profiled square log, profiled round log or a handcrafted log home, we have the skills, knowledge and products to maintain and restore your log cabin adding not years but decades to the life of your investment and making your log cabin look fantastic!

The suite of timber restoration, cleaning, sealant and treatment products offered by Perma-Chink is specifically designed and tested for use on log cabins. We can either recommend and supply you with the products for you to apply them yourself (following our detailed application guides) or we can quote to come out and apply the products for you.

If you think your cabin is beyond repair, don’t despair - British Log Cabins has a dedicated, skilled team of log builders and carpenters who can replace and repair logs of every profile by any manufacturer and recommend and apply log cabin sealants and treatments. We also repair and replace doors, windows and roofs.Log Cabin survey
If you would like one of our experienced team to come out and provide a detailed survey of your log cabin along with recommendations required works and future maintenance please be in touch. We charge a nominal fee for surveys to cover the surveyors time and travel expenses. Call Jess in the office for prices and availability.Shrinkage
One of the main issues we see in log building is the lack of allowance for shrinkage in the log walls. When stacked horizontally, even if the timber is dried the moisture content of logs will constantly change to find equilibrium with the atmospheric environment. Proper, specific log cabin building techniques must be employed to ensure that this settlement is allowed to happen naturally without being restricted.Commonly diagnosed shrinkage issues:Internal walls - These should never be fully built to the ceiling otherwise they will not allow for the ceiling to move along with the wall plate log. this will either cause logs in the wall to show large gaps or at the very worst will (generally with heavier roofing materials) the internal stud wall will pop through the internal roof finish. On cheaper garden cabin this is likely to affect the water tightness of the roof which will lead to further problems.Around doors and windows - The door and window frames must be fitted to allow for each log to move independently. If a system that allows for free movement of the logs is not incorporated the (for example if a door frame is directly fixed through to the logs) then gaps will appear between the logs to either side of the aperture.A shrinkage gap must also be left above the door or window frame. This gap is usually filled with sheep’s wool insulation and fitted with a cover trim that is attached to the log above rather than the frame itself. If an adequate shrinkage gap is not left above the frame then the log above the frame will site on the frame while the logs beneath it shrink, creating a large gap between the header log and the log below it. This can lead to further problems with doors and windows as the weight of the building above the header log will be supported by the frame. This generally causes issues with doors not opening or sticking.Our team can inspect and repair seamlessly repair any of these issues.Log cabin roof repair and replacement
A lot of the flat packed, profiled log cabins in the UK are supplied with a bitumen shingle roof finish. Although this is a cheaper material to other roof finishes initially it is a false economy. Bitumen shingles degrade when exposed to UV, they readily blow off in high winds and become extremely brittle in cold weather. As a budget roof finish we recommend a coated steel roof which will withstand the elements much better and offer long term peace of mind that your log cabin will remain water tight.The next step up from there is to go for a Cedar shingle roof. This great looking roof finish, when fitted properly will last 25 years and looks amazing!

British Log Cabins can replace your roof finish along with retrofitting warm deck (no thermal bridging) roof insulation without disrupting the inside of the cabin.

Other works

    • Insulating and double glazing an existing building.
    • Replacing log cabin roofs.
    • Bringing your log cabin up to Building Regulations standards.
    • Custom building log furniture.
    • Adding decking around your log cabin.