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When working in the highly competitive and price driven culture that we do it is difficult to know where the quality is. You can spend years looking for the right suppliers of  services or products that are fundamentally important to your business. This is why we like to promote the organisations that we are associated with.

International Log Builders Association (ILBA)

British Log Cabins are proud members of ILBA and have been building to their quality standards. ILBA is a great community bringing together log builders from all over the world into one forum to discuss, and develop the log building industry as a whole.

Log Cabin Hub

Sarah Woods, the editor at Log Cabin Hub recently sent through this really interesting link showing trends in our industry. Their website is also full of great log home building information, a great resource for someone wanting to build or buy their own log home. Have a trawl through and see for yourself.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is an organisation promoting positive change in the way that we treat our environment. The building industry is a big contributor to carbon emissions as is the household use of energy which puts BLC in a position to be able to make a positive difference through the sourcing of materials and the specification of energy efficiency in our projects. You can also make a difference by donating to the cause.

Bright 35

Jane at Bright35 is a fantastic photographer, we have managed to book her in to take some shots of our Wiltshire Log Cabin earlier this year. Take a look at our gallery for an amazing transformation! Jane specialises in Landscape, product and real estate photography and brightens up many homes with her stunning prints.

FOY-AIR Enterprises

Mr Foy is our resident hydraulics guru. His main business is in fabrication and hydraulics maintenance but he also owns and runs an office cleaning company ‘little mops’ and builds professional rally cars. In his spare time he is putting together a log lathe to build his log home in the US. Thats right - this man never sleeps!

Daniel Powell Studio

An inspired and enthusiastic design studio that suits our passion for log building with an equal passion for design. Daniel Powell and company not only offer a design service but also planning and building regulations advice and applications. They are also clued up on the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Forest Schools UK

As passionate outdoorsman ourselves we whole heartedly support and appreciate outdoor education initiatives. Forest schools UK provide all of your forest schools information and training needs. They have three locations in the UK offering craft courses and leadership courses. Follow the link above for more info.

Planning Portal

All the information that you need on planning permission in the UK can be found here. This is a massive and essential resource of information

Polar Arc Web Design

Lee Hughes at Polar Arc Web Designs is the man responsible for the beautiful and interactive website that you are looking at right now. Lee is an inspired Wordpress fiend who genuinely enjoys getting the job done right. He is passionate about creating good looking functional websites. As for after sales...any problems that we have had have been solved within minutes. This company comes highly recommended! Since Lee has developed this website for us our organic search traffic has increased by 200{b9d17d769e9c006c61488a721baafa3b8a1133800deae0751617b633a602993d}.