Hybrid log cabin construction

Developed by Mart and Dan at British Log Cabins this new innovative style of log building provides the best of both worlds; the clean, uniform lines of of a profiled (uniform round) log with the perfectly hand scribed notches and grooves of our handcrafted log work.

The meticulous attention to detail in our scribed log work surpasses anything else that you will find.

We first turn the log on our log lathe to a uniform size, anything from 200mm to 400mm diameter. Once all of the logs are turned we begin to scribe the logs together, every part of the log is precisely scribed and fitted to the log below and cut out by hand using the Scandinavian saddle notch method. Each log only has one position that it can be located in the building. We build the entire cabin in our yard before numbering the logs and loading it up for delivery to your site.

The hybrid log home is a perfect system for self-builders. Once we have constructed the log home in our yard and numbered each log all of the hard work is done and your home will slot together like a big jigsaw puzzle. We offer all of the advice needed on specific building methods to work around shrinkage and aspects of building regulations that specifically relate to log homes.

Although this method of building may not be as traditional as our handcrafted log cabins it still offers great insulation, structural stability and longevity and you get more internal space as the walls are uniform. If a contemporary, solid log structure is what you are looking for then look no further.

We have built a lot hybrid cabins now, with excellent results and very happy customers.