Forest Schools

Forest Schools is an initiative that uses woodlands and forests as learning tool. Encouraging curiosity and exploration in nature from children of a young age.
Through visiting a Forest School the hope is that children develop their independence, communication, decision-making and self esteem whilst learning about nature and accomplishing small, achievable tasks in a woodland setting.

The aim is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences. As outdoorsman ourselves we are in full support of this initiative.

Our aim is to help to give a greater number of schools the opportunity to make forest schools a part of children’s overall education. In this light we are offering a discount scheme for schools interested in log cabins to facilitate Forest Schools learning!


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If you are interested in Forest Schools and outdoor learning you should give our friends a call at Wild learning and Forest Schools Uk . They are a great resource. They provide accredited leadership training courses and outdoor learning experiences. (Even kids birthday parties)

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