Log Home Designs

Abraham Lincoln, probably the most famous man ever to live in a log cabin once said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

...Clever bloke. Planning and design are important in any task. At British Log Cabins we understand the importance of getting the design of your log home right and we will redesign your cabin until you are happy.

We charge a flat fee for initial CAD outline drawings based on a design brief.

Offering a design and build service means that the same team that designs your log cabin or log home, also writes the specification and manages the construction team through to completion. This allows a smooth workflow from pencil to chainsaw. Our drafting and design services are fairly priced at £680 + vat for log home plans and £190 + vat for small log cabin plans. This fee is also refunded to you upon order of your building.

We can also supply Full SAP assessments and Energy Performance Certificates.

Log Home Price Guide

Download our current Price Guide for latest prices including example prices based on the plans below. Also including professional fees and details of our other timber products.

3D rendering / artistic representation service

If you are having trouble imagining the internal and external finish of your log home or would like to be able to share your design ideas with others more easily then our 3D rendering service is a really helpful tool. We can make your dream home jump off the page and come to life through the creation of an artistic representation of your custom design.<br><br>

Please contact us for pricing on artistic representation.